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Farm House Cakes Terms and Conditions

By paying the £100 deposit and securing the date you are accepting the below terms and conditions.


1 Booking Fees

1.1 A non-refundable deposit of £100 is required to secure your wedding date. For orders with less than 4 weeks notice the full cost of the cake must be paid at time of booking

1.2 All orders are only confirmed when the booking fee has been paid. Please note that all booking fees are non-refundable and are only transferrable in certain circumstances.

1.3 If you cancel for any reason, this will not be returned to you, however if I am forced to cancel, you will be given notice and refunded in full.

1.4 All booking fees must be paid within 7 days of the booking form being sent. Dates cannot be held open with out the booking fee. After 7 days, if no fee has been received, the date is released and another booking may be taken.


2 Payment schedule

2.1Once the cake design has been finalised. The final payment is due 28 days before your event. The invoice shall be sent to you 28 days before the event as a reminder. This is then non-refundable in the event of a cancellation.

2.2. If the final payment is not received 28 days before your event, then we have the right to cancel your booking. The booking fee paid to secure your date is then non-refundable and non-transferable and we may no longer be able to accommodate your booking.

2.3. Unfortunately, we do not offer the option to pay in installments or by credit or debit card. All payments are to be made by BACS transfer.


3 Cake Details

3.1. Once the booking form has been sent, please review all the details carefully especially; cake tier sizes, flavour choices, spellings of names, allergen information, delivery time and contact numbers – please advise us of any changes as soon as possible.

3.2. The cake will be made according to the booking form and therefore it is imperative that all details are checked carefully. Any errors not picked up on the booking form before the cake is made will not be considered to be our error.


4 Decorations added by others

4.1. We cannot be held responsible for delays on items being supplied from other companies e.g., cake toppers, special order cake stands etc.

4.2. If a bespoke cake topper or stand is required, please do run this by me during your consultation.

4.3. If you are ordering a topper or cake stand yourself, please carefully check the size with us to make sure it is suitable for your cake.

4.4. If ordering items yourself, we cannot be held responsible for any errors in size, shape or design as the ordering has not been carried out by ourselves.

5.5. We reserve the right not to use anything supplied by a third party if we feel it’s unsuitable.


5 Consultations

5.1 consultations are strictly by appointment only, to couples who have paid their booking fee

5.2 consultations happen in either 2 different addresses.

5.3 consultations are for couples who have booked a fully iced cake. For couples who want a semi naked cake or buttercream iced cake these are design via zoom or email


6 Cake designs and quotes

6.1 Upon receiving your cake design, this is strictly for my use only, it can not be created by another cake maker.

6.2 Quotes are valid for 30 days from the date of creation, if you choose to proceed with your booking after this period the price may differ as prices are subject to change.

6.3 All cake designs I create belong to the Farm House Cakes brand, therefore cannot be used by anyone else.


7 Cancellations and re-booking

7.1 If you book with us, then cancel your wedding and re-schedule it for a later date, we will try our best to accommodate your new date but can’t guarantee we shall have availability, terms and conditions still apply for the booking deposit of £100 being non returnable.

7.2 if you re-book for a later date, your quote shall be re-viewed and altered if need be.

7.3 You cannot gift your booking deposit/wedding cake payment to someone else, they are strictly for the couple who first booked.

7.4 If you are moving your wedding to a date we are unavailable for, unfortunately the booking fee will be strictly non-refundable as this covers work already completed in the run up to your wedding (this may include but is not limited to: phone calls, emails, completing and sending forms, holding consultations, providing taster boxes and it is also highly likely that we will have turned down other work for your original date

7.5 If I cancel your order and work has been done (admin, designing, samples, consultations) I can withhold said amount back from the booking deposit upon canceling your order and retuning what is left of the booking deposit


8 Covid-19

8.1 If you have you re-schedule your wedding for a later date I will try my upmost best to accommodate your new date.

8.2 if you need to move your date more than twice, a new booking fee shall be required.


9 Allergens

9.1 All cakes are made in a kitchen that works with dairy products, gluten, eggs and nuts. Even if your chosen recipe does not include the allergen, traces of these products are possible.

9.2 It is your responsibility to inform your guest not to eat the cake due to the possibility of trace allergens.

9.3 We will provide full allergen information with the cake upon delivery to the venue.

9.4 Farm House Cakes accepts no liability for customers suffering allergic reactions from eating our cakes.


10 Shelf Life

10.1. We recommend our cakes be eaten within 48 hours of the event for them to be enjoyed at their best.


11 Cake serving

11.1 It is down to the venue how the cake is cut and presented.


12 Design changes

12.1 We are happy to make alterations to your cake design up to 6 weeks before your event date. Whilst every effort will be made to accommodate changes to the design, please note that changes within 6 weeks of the event cannot always be guaranteed.

12.2. Changes to cake designs may be subject to an additional cost. This will be discussed with you when making the changes. We reserve the right to increase a quoted price in the event you request a variation to the work agreed.


13 Non edible decorations

13.1. As we will not personally be cutting the cake, we cannot accept any responsibility for any non-edible elements not removed prior to serving. We will give the venue written information concerning any non-edible elements they need to remove.

13.2 Most of our stacked cakes will contain non-edible elements such as plastic dowels, flowers, or cake toppers. We will advise you of any non-edible elements that need to be removed during cutting and provide written information about this to the venue.


14 Hot weather

14.1 In the case of extreme hot weather we may have to make the decision to swap real cake tier for dummy tiers. This is to ensure your cake is stable throughout the day and will not collapse or melt.

14.2 I will contact you if I’m worried about the hot weather and your wedding cake. In this case, we would replicate your cake design exactly with dummy cakes and provide cutting cakes in your chosen flavours that can be refrigerated until just before serving to the wedding venue.

14.3 If you have ordered a semi naked cake, we would not be able to replicate this using dummy cakes and we would have to discuss an alternative design.

14.4 If we do have to make this decision due to extreme heat, additional costs may be incurred for the dummy tiers and/or a change in design. We would only be able to advise on these additional costs at the time we make the changes.


15 Wedding cake delivery’s and set ups

15.1 we prefer to deliver and set up our wedding cakes. I will deliver and set up the wedding cake at your venue to a pre-arranged time.

15.2 Any changes to the delivery time must be passed on so I can alter my arrangements

15.3 deliveries over 15 miles (from DY9 0AG) will be subjected to a delivery charge of .75p per mile.

15.4 It is your responsibility to check you’ve given us the correct delivery information. This will be on your cake booking form

15.5 In case of a major problem on the event day such as severe weather, accidents, public unrest or other unexpected events that may bake delivery to your venue impossible. Please be assured we would always try out best and get your cake to the venue. Some circumstances can be out of our control.

15.6 We cannot be held responsible for the location of the cake at the venue. Please ensure that the table for the cake is level, stable and strong enough to hold the cake. It’s always advisable that the cake is not by a direct heat source, in a sunny window or where it’s likely to be knocked over by passing guests

15.7 We reserve the right to change the location of the cake at the venue if we feel it unsuitable or not safe


16 Cake complaints

16.1 If you have any concerns regarding the cake please notify me before delivery and I will do everything I can to solve the problem.

16.2 In the unlikely event there is an issue with your cake, it must be brought to our attention within 48 hours of the cake being delivered so we can be given the opportunity to assess the nature of the problem. We would take any complaints very seriously.

16.3 If the compliant is regarding the quality of the cake, we ask for the whole cake or the remainder of the cake to be returned to use within 48 hours of delivery for inspection. We do not except single slices of cake to inspect.

16.4. If the complaint is regarding the design of the cake, but the cake was made according to the booking form and sketch which has been checked and approved, we cannot be held responsible for any errors not picked up by the customer.

16.5 For any complaints we can only deal with the person who booked the cake originally.

16.6. You must give us an opportunity to resolve the issue and agree not to post any defamatory comments or pictures on online forums or social media channels before discussing the situation with us and allowing us reasonable time to provide a satisfactory solution. Once a solution has been reached, you agree not to post any defamatory comments or pictures on online forums or social media at any point in the future.

17 Fresh flowers supplied by florists

17.1 When adding fresh flowers we will lease with your florist and send over the designs.

17.2 We can only work with the flowers supplied by the florist on the day. We do not bring extra flowers, we only use flowers supplied by your florist, so if the flower quality is poor or something is wrong with the flowers then we do not accept responsibility.

17.3 If your florist does not meet us at the agreed time at the venue, we cannot always guarantee that we will be able to wait for them to arrive.

17.4 If we cannot wait due to lateness of your florist, then they would have to add the flowers to the cake, and we cannot be held responsible if the arrangement made does not then match our vision and design for the cake and take no responsibility for the way the flowers have been added to the cake which may not be in a food safe way.


18 Collection of cakes

18.1 Once the cake has left our premises we are not liable for any damage caused.

18.2 We shall help/advise you how to transport the cake, depending on design there will be instructions on how to finish assembling the cake.


19 Cake stand hire

19.1 To hire a cake stand its a £25 hire charge. With a £100 holding deposit.

19.2 It’s your responsibility to return the cake stand back to me at the arranged address on the date its due back.

19.3 The holding deposit will be refunded back to you once my cake stand is returned in the spotless state it was left in, within the time frame.

19.3 If you do not return the stand within 4 days, its broken or dirty I reserve the right to withhold the full deposit.

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